Asked for Blue

I would like to thank God
Cyan and Cerulean,
Arctic and Azure,
Teal and Turquoise,
for the ever varying light of the sky
and for the infinite ocean hues.
I only asked for Blue

Only By The Moon

What might you find
staring into the abyss?

the first drafts
of the history of the human heart
lay crumpled and unedited there
still with their clumsy rhymes
the rhythm and meter unrefined

and if given voice
they would echo
and hearts would break anew
from the infinite chorus of songs
that were heard only by the moon

the tears are real

maybe it is all transactional
the songs are free now
so we buy a ticket for the tears
like a lap dance for the soul
and call it God

maybe it doesn’t matter if there is true love
the tears are real enough


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